Thermal Storage Heating

Save per KwH and Bank Energy Dollars

Creating one of the most comfortable and economical heating systems available, our Earth Thermal Storage Electric Radiant Heating System is an under-concrete slab (sometimes called “under-floor”, “in-ground” and “ground storage”) heating system installed in soil or sand under a concrete slab building foundation.

The result is that the ground underneath becomes an efficient, large mass of stored thermal energy. It’s the same principle as the earth’s core.

The system is charged (energized) when less expensive off-peak electric rates are in effect or to shift peak demand to quieter periods. The stored energy is only released when the area above it becomes cool. Otherwise the radiant heat remains where it is so there is no wasted energy.

Costs to Consider

ThermaRay ETS System In-concrete heating system
$/sq. ft
(on average)

* An in-concrete floor heating system requires insulation @ $2.00/sq.ft. A ThermaRay Thermal Storage System does not require insulation – saving you money.



Technology + Off-Peak Electrical Rates =
Tremendous Energy Savings

Earth Thermal Storage is perfect for basements, slab-on-grade construction, solariums and sunrooms.

Installation is fast and easy, providing warmth with no hot spots or drafts. The system is clean, creating no smoke or soot. And it doesn’t take up valuable floor space.

Thermal Storage System Benefits

  • 100% energy efficient
  • Quiet, safe and clean
  • Maintenance free and easy to install
  • Aesthetically pleasing design – system is completely concealed
  • Room temperature can be verified from anywhere in the building
  • Superior heating comfort – gentle even temperature from floor to ceiling
  • Rooms can be programmed so that you minimize operating costs while maximizing comfort
  • Use of off-peak electrical rates results in huge cost savings
  • Can be installed in hazardous areas
  • Custom sizes available

How It Works

  1. Earth Storage Panels are placed throughout the area.
  2. Sensors maintain even consistent temperature.
  3. Controls are simple and flexible.
  4. Earth stores heat generated during off peak hours.
  5. Concrete slab.
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