Electric Radiant Snow
Melting Systems

Reduce Your Risk of Slips and Falls

Each year, there are over 300,000 Emergency Room visits and over 12,000 fatalities related to slips and falls due to ice and snow.

According to Zurich Insurance, the average general liability claim is $15,132 and the average worker’s compensation claim is $29,056.

We all recognize the importance of effective snow removal plans.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature often has other plans for winter weather that will overwhelm even the most diligent efforts to shovel, plow and use salt and other chemicals.

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With our Snow Melting System, you can prevent slips and falls by melting ice and snow before it accumulates and freezes.

Our Snow Sensors monitor moisture and temperature to detect when ice or snow is imminent, activating the system and keeping walkways free and clear of ice and snow until the conditions subside.

Keep your building entrances, sidewalks, walkways, steps, ramps and parking lots clear of ice and snow for your guests and employees to reduce your liability this winter.

Snow & Ice Melting Systems Benefits

  • Reduce Liability & Insurance Premiums
  • Potentially Reduce Worker’s Comp Claims
  • No Plows, Shovels, Salt or Other Chemicals
  • Improve Employee & Guest Safety
  • Reduce Snow Removal Time & Costs
  • Easy Installation Under Concrete & Pavers
  • Snow Sensing Controls including Black Ice Detection
  • Promotes Indoor Flooring Longevity
  • Energy Efficient & Effective
  • Comprehensive Project Design Support

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