Thermaray Case Studies


Cost Savings with Electric Radiant Heating Ceiling System in a Commercial Project

There was a problem to solve and the best solution for cost and comfort was to install ThermaRay electric radiant AS heaters. What follows are some in-depth, back-of-the-napkin calculations.

The efficiency numbers should give pause to anyone contemplating using standard electric convection solutions.
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ThermayRay: Electric Radiant Ceiling Panel versus Electric Baseboard

An electric radiant heating system is 100% efficient, just like an electric baseboard. A watt in = a watt out. But how it delivers the heat and the comfort it provides is where the big differences lay.

The software shows the baseboard using 692 Kwh versus the ThermaRay Architectural 2×2 heaters using 153 Kwh. Read on for details.

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Stackt Container Market

How do you heat a container? ThermaRay was approached to help engineer the heating solution. These are containers after all with little to no insulation, and no floor space for heaters of any kind. The only option is an electric ceiling radiant heating system.

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