ThermaRay Case Studies

ThermayRay: Electric Radiant Ceiling Panel versus Electric Baseboard



AS Series radiant panels are ideal for offsetting heat loss through exterior glass on the perimeter of a building. They help to control the problem of condensation typically found with these large exterior glass walls. Radiant panels provide improved comfort by maintaining an even temperature from floor to ceiling.

There has been little research done in regards to electric radiant heating systems and there is even less on their energy costs vs other forms of heating systems.

An electric radiant heating system is 100% efficient, just like an electric baseboard. A watt in = a watt out. But how it delivers the heat and the comfort it provides is where the big differences lay.

The software shows the baseboard using 692 Kwh versus the ThermaRay Architectural 2×2 heaters using 153 Kwh. Read on for details.

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