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Transcript of Earth Thermal Storage Installation Video


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Here’s the transcript of our Earth Thermal Storage Installation Video

Today we’re going to install an Earth Thermal Storage system made by ThermaRay. What it is is a Teflon coated nichrome wire embedded in sheetrock and this sheetrock keeps the wires pre-spaced and it makes it easy for installation.

ETS Panel Connection
Every panel has two wires coming out the ends of the panel so what we do is the wires come out where the labels at here so we want to take a non-sharp edge and break the paper. Get the wires out of the panel. There’s two wires a black and a red and those are our lead wires. They go to our heating element wires. To make our connection, they simply just slip over the 12 gauge USE direct bury wire. It’s a double tumbler connection so we put the feed wire into that window, pull down with a lineman pliers, and that’s our connection. After we’ve completed wiring a circuit we have to ohm test and make sure everything is hooked up properly so that it’ll run once you get the sand and the concrete over the top. Once you get a good ohm reading, then you can close up the connection cover. So we put the connections directly in the center, wires coming out the end, close that up and now you have a completely waterproof connection.

Endcap Installation
There’s a fastener line where it shows you can put a screw safely without hitting any of the wires. Make sure you hit the line when you put the screw in to hold the strap in place. You’re done.

Proper Sizing of the System
ThermaRay representative will help you determine what you will need for your project. Whether it’s a small addition or 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility. The quantity of heating panels required for any space varies depending on things such as R-values, windows, doors, dimensions and actually how you want to use the space.

Once all the gel caps are in place, six to eight inches of sand is placed over the top of the heating panels that can be compacted and it’s ready for concrete. You’ll have a floor heating system that will last through the life of your building. Thanks for watching! Keep up-to-date with any of our videos by hitting subscribe.