Thermaray Case Studies

Radiantly Speaking

North American Made, North American Quality

Yes, that’s correct. Our electric radiant heating systems are made in Canada. We are not just a sub-assembler or a person importing product from overseas and slapping a label on the product. We actually do manufacture the products in North America.

This means you have someone to talk to, we can answer your questions and we have North American quality.

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Stackt Container Market

How do you heat a container? ThermaRay was approached to help engineer the heating solution. These are containers after all with little to no insulation, and no floor space for heaters of any kind. The only option is an electric ceiling radiant heating system.

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McGill University’s Bellini Life Sciences Building

In September 2008, McGill opened the then new 193,000 square foot Bellini Life Sciences Complex. For this story the main interest is in the use of electric metal radiant ceiling panels. These Architectural Series heaters are an ideal fit for this building and show the depth and possibilities of its uses.

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Historic Crown Building in Midtown Manhattan chooses ThermaRay

There’s no shortage of over-the-top, high-priced condos in Manhattan, but one ultra-luxury project near the sky-piercing skyscrapers on Billionaires’Row has managed to fly somewhat under the radar.

The landmarked Crown Building, located at the corner of 57th and Fifth Avenue will be transformed in Aman New York, a hotel/condo hybrid.

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