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North American Made, North American Quality



Yes, that’s correct. Our electric radiant heating systems are made in Canada. We are not just a sub-assembler or a person importing product from overseas and slapping a label on the product. We actually do manufacture the products in North America.

This means you have someone to talk to, we can answer your questions and we have North American quality.

Sure, we have supply chain logistic challenges just like everyone else. However, most of our materials are sourced in North America which means we have better control over our production. The quality of the material is better, and we know why we make the product the way we do. There is no guessing as to how some foreign manufacturer makes the product the way they do. We have been manufacturing for 35 years.

We meet U.S government rules and regulations when it comes to foreign content in construction projects. Some or many building products are not allowed in for use in certain types of Federal projects. Our products are. So please verify before you purchase any non-North American product to be sure you can use them in these projects.

If you’d like to talk to a North American made electric radiant heating company, you can reach us by the tried and true method of calling us, 1.866.457.4600 or email:

We wish everyone success in your projects during these challenging times